Art in Odd Places: NUMBER, Curated by Rhadika Subramanian, Oct. 2013


October 2013

Art in Odd Places (2013 edition)

14th Street,  NYC

We will be adapting our Indeterminate Hikes app for the special 2013 theme of NUMBER. AiOP’s mission: “Presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces.”

About the 2013 theme:

How numbers crowd us.  Hurrying us, burying us, buoying us, worrying us.  Dates to remember and forget, time to make, numbers in funds, pools, mints, checks, and balances, a lucky promise, the first, the last, boom and dip, growth and decline, profit and loss, debt and depression, taxes, tolls, polls, inflation, treasure and foreclosure, precision, penury, exactitude, excess, codes, ciphers, coins, currency, rhythm and cycles, counting and accounting, counting votes, counting cards, counting all his money, counting the hours, counting sheep, counting down, count your blessings, don’t count your chickens, stand up and be counted, discounts and recounts, but who’s counting?, enumeration and remuneration, too much, too little, constraint, restraint and abundance, negative and positive, light years and leap years, grids and statistics, grades and scores, temperatures and prices, height and weight, ratios and equations, calculation and evaluation, measures and yardsticks, latitude and longitude, solitude and multitude, population and annihilation, nil, null, nada and nought, bupkis, zip, zilch, and zero, zillions, billions, millions and millennia, more or less, the long and the short of it, the whole nine yards, miles to go, go the extra mile, fact and figure, fuzzy and fudged, account number, prime number, phone number, pin number, street number, a hot number, for my next number…, your days are numbered, I’ve got your number.

This edition of Art in Odd Places invites artistic provocations that respond to the numerologies of our time.

AiOP 2013 Curator: Radhika Subramaniam
AiOP Founder and Director: Ed Woodham
AiOP Festival Producer: Sarah Brozna
Curatorial Assistant: Claire H. Demere