Ecologies of Inconvenience Sketch @ ASLE, Summer 2015

Ecologies of Inconvenience, 2016 ecoarttech

Video exhibit: June 25, 2015
Panel session: June 26, 2015
University of Idaho Prichard Gallery, Moscow, ID
Association for the Study of Literature and Environmental Biennial Conference

Join Leila Christine Nadir and Cary Peppermint at the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) conference for a panel session and special work-in-progress video exhibit related to the conference’s “Plant, Food, Agri/cultures” stream. The art exhibit video installation “Ecologies of Inconvenience” is an experimental video documentary about food infrastructure, commerce, and labor.

This is an initial video sketch of a proposed work in progress tentatively titled, Ecologies of Inconvenience. The completed work will contrast industrial infrastructures of food commerce with a series of personal gestures performed by the artists that detail slower, more primitive practices. It is our intentions to develop this work into a feature length experimental documentary for film and video festivals as well as an immersive traveling installation to be featured at galleries and centers of contemporary art. Preliminary scenes portray urban quick-marts, fast-food restaurants, military infrastructure, produce factories, and industrial agriculture (and more) alongside individuals building graywater systems, slow-cooking with microbial fermentation, making meals from scratch, cooking with a solar oven, digging out forest springs, and engaging in other alternative, primitive practices. We seek to greatly expand upon the demo seen here by shooting what will constitute a substantial visual database of both personal and industrial foodscape scenarios all across the U.S. With support, Ecologies of Inconvenience will become a major work of meditation on sustainability, practicality, reproductive labor, creativity, economics, and the experience of time in the twenty-first century.

For more details, visit ASLE.