“Plugging Art into the Environment,” Review of the Chimera+ Show “Ecologías Correlativas,” at 319 Scholes, Hyperallergic, October 2011



NYC: “Environmentalism has diversified in the last decade, especially in the arts and humanities. No longer associated only with preserving “nature,” going back to the land or creating a sense of local place, the green movement is beginning to turn its attentions to the hybrid networked terrain of modern life — the cities, suburbs and the electronic spaces of the web in which we live; as immigrants, commuters, and ubiquitous-technology users; through global exchanges of intellectual ideas, commodities, and cultures. Chimera+ has captured this new convergence with Ecologías Correlativas, and 319 Scholes, by continuing to explore this evolving terrain…”

Read the article here: http://hyperallergic.com/39019/ecologias-correlativas-319-scholes/