restlessculture archives 1997-2003

Cary Peppermint: From 1997 – 2003 I created (in a then-unofficial collaboration with Leila Nadir) a series of internet based art works that now seem to have sniffed out and anticipated what is now called web 2.0. During this time I was concerned with the accelerating erosion of personal privacy and the commodification of the web. The feeling of anonymity and freedom to create that I experienced on the web in the late 80’s and early 90’s was changing fast. I wondered if it were possible to resist these changes in a web-based, performative way by burying myself in light, i.e. hiding in plain site by sharing my intimate moments with others via early incarnations of web 2.0 technologies like,,, and many others many of which are now defunct. What you see here on this page is mostly archived moments from a much larger and previously “live” site called

There is a downloadable .pdf of one of my artist statements from this time-period published in Leonardo, 2006. It pretty much sums up my approach to making internet art from 1997-2003.

overexposed-dancing!(1) use me as medium, from, circa 2000, Cary Peppermint soylove t-shirt, from, circa 2000, Cary Peppermint

hot or not, from, circa 2000, cary peppermint  e-vite for a party that never ends until it does, from, circa 2000, Cary Peppermintharlem vision center,, cary peppermint, circa 2000