microbial selfies


Exhibited as part of OS Fermentation, MICROBIAL SELFIES are digital images created with custom electronics and software that allow microbes to take their own “selfies” and add image manipulation effects based on the shifting pH levels, oxygen, and color values of the fermentation process. Microbial Selfies is part of EcoArtTech’s new series of social sculptures, titled EdibleEcologies, that work collaboratively with local communities (human, bacterial, and ecological) to resuscitate historic food practices and facilitate recovery from a cultural memory disorder that we call “industrial amnesia.”


Microbial Selfies, EcoARtTech, 2015
Microbial Selfies Interface at CR10 Contemporary Arts Project Space, Hudson Valley
These following are available as Giclée prints on archival watercolor paper. 20″ x 30″ in editions of 3 each. 13″ x 19″ in editions of 5 each. Please contact us for print inquiries.